Congregation Shir Chadash

6440 Del Amo Blvd.
Lakewood, CA 90713
Phone: (562) 429-0715

Board of Directors


A synagogue is a community. It is an institution that provides diverse services and fulfills diverse functions for its members. It is a beit midrash (a school for adult and youth education), and a beit Knesset (a house of assembly). It is a social center for events and celebrations, and it is a social service center, for life cycle events, counseling, and care. It is a cultural center and it is a youth center. It is a community’s spiritual center.

The mechanism that is vital to the fulfillment of these functions, and the synagogue’s mission, is the network of people or committees that help the organization do its work. There are committees established at Congregation Shir Chadash that are answerable to the Board, and help implement its directives. Members of committees learn skills that help support the synagogue’s activities, and build bonds of friendship by working with others to achieve results. The time, energy, talent, and enthusiasm that members bring to their committee work are a priceless contribution to the health of their Jewish community.

A brief description of the committees and their roles follows:

Religious Practices

In conjunction with the Rabbi, determines the schedule and other details pertaining to the religious services and practices at Shir Chadash. Encourages higher levels of participation and skill in all matters of religious observance at the synagogue. Assists the Rabbi in implementing decisions of halacha and liturgy.


 Kitchen Committee

Encourages the use of the synagogue kitchen by and for congregants. Ensures that all users are familiar with synagogue policies regarding Kashrut, safety, hygiene and security. Seeks to establish a vibrant culinary community and provide rich and varied feasts for Onegs, Kiddush luncheons, and other synagogue events.

Religious School

Works with the Religious School Principal, Rabbi Mariana Gindlin, to develop and support Religious School programs and activities

Budget and Finance

Oversees and reports on the fiscal health of the congregation. The Committee reviews the monthly balance sheets, profit and loss statement and the department detail reports, reviews the draft budget compiled and prepared by Treasurer and makes recommendations to the board. The budget and finance committee also works with the bookkeeper on maintaining proper accounting procedure.

Capital Campaign

Organizes fundraising for capital improvements and their associated finances.

Fundraising and Special Events Committee

Plans and organizes special events designed for community building and fundraising.

Subcommittee: Gift Shop
Stocks and supervises the gift shop.

Subcommittee: Community Partner Scrip Program
Oversees accounting and purchases for Scrip.

Building and Grounds

Responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of synagogue-owned buildings and grounds, Advises the Board on matters of insurance coverage, renovations, repairs, possible economies in utility usage, and long term capital improvements. Supervises renovations and construction projects.

Subcommittee : Aesthetics and Décor
Supervises the décor of the synagogue.

Subcommittee : Security
Supervises security issues for the synagogue.

Social Action

Develops programs to further the commitment to the entire extended Jewish Community, and to Israel. Organizes social and political action consistent with our Jewish values. Develops positive relations with the general community.
Chair: Rabbi Karen Isenberg

The Growth  Committee 

Promotes activities to increase the membership of the Congregation.
Communications Committee

Supervises the synagogue web page. Makes suggestions for web page changes, and supervises their implementation. Develops, as appropriate, suggestions for on line resources and on line learning. Supervises the Cyber Shul Facebook Page, the Shofar bi-monthly and weekly Shabbat newsletter. Assists other committees and organizers in carrying out their publicity for Shir Chadash events, both to Alpert Jewish Community, and the General Community.