Congregation Shir Chadash

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Our Staff

Hi, I’m Carol Klein and I like to help people keep connected and informed.

Once upon a time I was a retail merchandise management instructor for data entry on the IBM360 and NCR computer systems in midtown NY and then California.  I became a full time mom after giving birth to my three wonderful children- twins Chaim & Sarah, in 1985, & then David in 1988.

After enrolling my children at the Hebrew Academy in Huntington Beach, I worked and volunteered there for the next 10 years as a secretary, receptionist, TI and fundraiser. It was then that I developed my everlasting love for Judaism and the Jewish community. I worked alongside women who were engineers, accountants and teachers who had also opted to surrender higher paying positions. We, Long Beach and Orange county affiliates of Reform Conservative & Orthodox, worked side by side with a common mission to help provide children with a nurturing education and a strong connection to Judaism and community.

Two years before my children’s graduation, I began night classes, once a week, at Golden West College in Huntington Beach to revamp my computer skills as I knew that I would soon relinquish my work at the Hebrew Academy to the next generation of parents.

Shortly before my computer classes ended and six months prior to graduation, I applied for a part time job offered at Temple Beth Shalom in LB where I met Debbie Prog, who was the Director of Hebrew Studies there and also here at Temple Beth Zion-Sinai (now Congregation Shir Chadash). She convinced me to apply here as they needed an office secretary and she thought I’d be perfect.  Although I was not yet seeking a permanent position I was amazed by everyone’s willingness to work with me, time wise, and believed this would be a great place to try out my newly learned skills before moving out into the business world again.

I got very busy applying myself using all my new skills in combination with  something else that I was very familiar with…my Jewish knowledge and soul.    That was fifteen years ago and I’m still here. I am soulfully enriched through my work and the people I have come to know. I have been working alongside God’s greatest gifts to any community- Friends, Volunteers & Donors.

I am thankful that my connection to the Jewish community continues to grow in both knowledge and in friendship. As a member and Scribe Editor of Sharon-Carmel Hadassah in Long Beach,  I have had the pleasure to make even more friends who are motivated and inspired to strengthen their partnership with Israel and ensure Jewish continuity through medical research and more.   

If you have any questions or need assistance with temple membership please don’t hesitate to call.   562-429-0715